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Apple Carplay/ USB 2 slots

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There is any way to use apple Carplay and listen to MP3's music from USB in the same time???

Anytime i use apple Carplay my music from USB stops. 

Is this normal? Any ideas? 
On long drives thats very annoying as i m always using apple Carplay for Google Maps/Phone Calls but then i only have to listen to Radio or maybe CD player. 

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Not an expert, as I have only had CarPlay for a few weeks. However I have experienced the same thing and presume that the USB can only prioritise one or the other. If you have enough memory on your phone, copy all the music files to your phone. The car then automatically plays these whilst still using Google Maps etc. and the quality is just the same as when I previously played my iPod via the USB.

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Hi there.  I've recently taken ownership of an ES300H Takumi (2019).  Whilst researching some info on the car I definitely came across a Lexus Instructional clip on video which mentioned if you are running a device off the front USB connector then add a second one it will cancel out the first device as it does not have the capacity/option to run two connected devices in tandem.

Hope that makes sense!?  And, is useful......

Best regards



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