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Hi all I own a 1996 lexus gs 300 sport and I had 2 perelli a year ago and the centres are on the limit which I have been told due to over inflation but I cannot find anything on the correct tyre pressure also it has yet again been on the hunter eye today and now my steering wheel is off centre by about 2inches I am getting a bit hacked off with buying tyres I don't know if there is a correct toe and camber measurements for this car but any help would be appreciated 

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No tyre info panel on the fuel filler flap or the driver's B pillar?

Regarding the steering wheel off centre, take it back and get them to sort it

What did the alignment shop use to set your geometry? The Hunter system usually has a database of most models showing factory specs?

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Hi nemesis thankyou I have tyre pressure sticker on drivers door pillar but its not for the lexus sport model looks like the standard gs 300 I believe it's the hunter Eye suppose to do the underneath line up apparently 

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take it back to check the person that carried out the alignment done it properly to start with


if the steering wheel has ever been removed before you bought it,

it may of been put back on in the wrong place and then tracked,

the hawk eye tells the operator where the centre position for the

steering is and at this point the alignment takes place,so it may

be the case of remove the steering wheel and re centre it.

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