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IS220D Gearbox Oil Change?

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Does anyone know how to change the gearbox oil on an 06 220d Sport model?

I have had a look online, and can't seem to find a Haynes manual for it, or anyone who's done this before.

Also, what gearbox oil do I need to buy for it and how much of it goes in?

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Make sure the engine is cold and vehicle level.

Undo the filler/level plug on the side of the transmission (you want to make sure you can get new oil in there before draining the old oil)

Undo the drain plug on the bottom

Once all oil has come out, fit new gasket/washer and tighten drain plug.

Fill via the filler on the side (you will need some way to force the new oil in (pump etc).

When oil comes out, it is full.

Fit new gasket/washer to filler plug and tighten.


I think there is a plug on the top of the transmission that you could use to put in the new oil - makes it easier as you can just pour in via a funnel, however that's another gasket/washer you need - you still need the filler removed on the side to know when your level is correct.


This is the spec of the oil you need:


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