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Hi all,
I have my LC500 connected to my phone's hotspot and everytime I try to retrieve traffic or any data from the internet in the Lexus infotainement I get an error saying "Unable to connect to Internet", has anyone got this type of connection done successfully?

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I've never tried this sorry, so I can't help. If no other members can help either, I'd call your Lexus dealer?

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16 hours ago, EddieCD said:

Hi, it should be possible.  Have a read of page 51 onwards of the LC500 navigation manual which explains how to do it.  Link here:






I followed those steps and connected to home wifi and to my phone hotspot, still no luck.

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Have you Registered your Multi Media Unit on the Lexus On--Line typing in your Version Code etc. ?


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I don't know whether this might help or indeed whether anyone else has suggested it but I found an extremely useful resource in "Northside Lexus".


Melissa provide dozens of very useful video tutorials and has certainly explained what on occasions was unfathomable to me. You'll also be mighty impressed by her obvious enthusiasm for the brand.

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2 hours ago, Marlinleg said:

Brain R I am watching Melissa now she's very good 

Hi Philip

She is good, isn't she! All makes so much more sense when've watched just a few of her vids.

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