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Repairing headlight automatic level sensor / adjustment

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2007 RX 350

Headlight level warning lights comes after the car has been driven for a few minutes and occaisonally goes off when the car is being driven.

I've stripped and reassembled the Headlight Level Sensor at the offside rear (located near to torsion bar). This hasn't cured the prblem and it seems like the joints on the sesnor arm are very worn.

I'm looking at buying a replacement pattern sensor (, my local LExus agent quoted over £400 (!) for the parts and repair.

Before I start on the job, does anyone have experience of doing this repair? Is there anything else that I need to look at? Are there any adjusters at the headlight or bulb that could be suspect as well?

I never tow or load the car to the point where the adjustment is actually needed but the MoT will pick up the warning light. As a last resort is there any way to jerry-rig the sensor so that the warning light stays off?

Cheers, Peter

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You can check the sensor by applying 4.5v dc ( three batteries in series ) accross the two outer terminals. Connect a voltmeter accross the negative terminal and the middle terminal of the sensor ( there are only 3 terminals ). The sensor is a potensiometer.

As you slowly move the arm of the sensor from one end position to the other, the voltage reading should vary linearly from about 0.25v to 4.3v. Be very careful with the pins of the sensor and use insulated female pins for the connections to the sensor. Be very careful not to make a short circuit with the connections to the sensor. 

Alternatively, with the low beam on, move the disconnected arm of the sensor and observe that the low beam returns to its original aiming irrespective of the arm's position.

This test will also verify that the servo motor within the headlight assembly controlled by the level sensor is functioning as well.

If the sensor is working, you only need to buy the links. Make sure you mark the position of the bracket all round. One of the holes on the bracket is not concentric allowing some adjustment to factory settings. Othetwise is a straight forward job.


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Thanks for the replies. I'll have a look at the suggestions and see how that goes. Peter

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