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Not really much to go on just checking an MOT history, plenty of advisories for tyres suggesting the owner at the time never checked them regularly or even before an MOT so what else did they scrimp on.....”brake pads wearing low” a worn out wiper blade and multiple parking brake inefficiency remarks are not good signs of a caring owner.

What’s the service history like?

Mileage is reasonable for the age though.

Finally is this a private sale or trader?

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With a trader you do have better consumer protection should anything go wrong with the car in the first 6 months on a retail sale, things like “Sold as seen no warranty given or implied” are not allowed and do not override your statutory rights.

Also depends on the asking price.

With a sketchy service history all you can really do is either check it yourself, pull the dipstick is the oil clean, is the filter new, check every button and switch for function or pay the likes of the AA or RAC for an inspection.

Has the windscreen been fixed or replaced?

My betting is it will have at least one odd tyre on it.

At the end of the day if you are unsure walk away.

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All series II RXs suffer with underbody corrosion - obviously the older the vehicle the worse it is likely to be unless it has been treated. Corrosion on the brake lines is not good though.

Is it an SE-L? It should have air suspension so make sure that works or check it has been converted to normal springs.

Check all the warning lights on the dash come on and then go out to make sure no one has removed some bulbs to cover up an issue.

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23 hours ago, b4u2 said:


Do you think i should buy it or not?

Not my decision as that is entirely up to you, all you have provided is an MOT checklist, I’ve not even seen the car or driven it so I cannot possibly advise on whether to buy it or not

As I said take someone with you who has experience in car buying or pay for an inspection, I was once looking for a Maserati  4200 Cambrio Corsa local dealer had one so went to look. Both rear exhaust boxes were missing and straight piped! Left before the dealer even got out of the office.

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