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Not living in London and rarely visiting unless changing trains at St.Pancras for Gatwick Airport most of my knowledge of street names came from playing Monopoly.

Having seen Park Lane as the second most expensive on the board with Mayfair I always assumed that Lexus Park Lane was on there along with visions of grandeur no other dealer could possibly offer.

Driving in there to be greeted at the grand entrance by a person wearing white gloves and a tip of the hat before guiding me to a parking bay in order to collect my £1.75 oil sump plug washer from the red carpeted reception area or even have it brought out to my car.

Turns out it is in Battersea “ near the railway station” and miles away from my imagined location, so far away in fact they are now called Battersea Lexus. No complimentary silver service afternoon tea then even around 3.00 pm.

Apparently it does get busy at certain times of the day so timing is crucial to avoid a queue for the coffee service. 😀


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Lexus Park Lane is/was in Mayfair, it is the service centre that is in Battersea. Pre-launch (and possibly after) they were the only dealership to have an LFA on show in Europe:



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Battersea is now pretty posh, it started to go upmarket when I left in the 70’s. Home to the US Embassy and the Dogs Home.

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