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GS450h Rear Caliper accessory kit

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Does anyone have any links to accessory kits, springs and pins, for the rear calipers for 2006 Lexus GS450h? I am sending my calipers off to bigg red this week and the springs are not in great shape so thought it would be an idea to replace them all while doing the calipers, disks and pads. 

I have found these on eBay but just checking it’s the correct ones and right price.


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They look correct and half the Lexus price, not sure why there should be 2 colour options though, OEM are always silver. I would ask where they are made first!

Don’t Bigg Red also do the fitting kits, I know they do the pistons, seals, slide pins and bellows for mine.

Amayama have them if you can wait a while for shipping.



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I just called Bigg Red and its not a set that they can get. I have asked the ebay seller where they are manufactured. I have checked the clips in the pic and cross referenced with the ones from the diagram and they look identical. 

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I did send the seller an email but as i was desperate to get the car back together at the weekend i ordered them anyway. 

Received an email last night and he states he purchases them from a US company and he believes they originate from a Chinese manufacturer made to their specs. He has sold a lot of these kits as well as loads from the same company for different manufacturers vehicles and has had no issues with them at all and their fitting and quality have always been great. He says he is also happy for me to return should they not fit correctly or have any quality issues which is fair enough and he has 100% feedback. 

Received them this morning and they seem to be the correct ones and they quality seems good. They are silver btw if anyone interested. 🙂

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