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Hi all,

I'm new to the lexus, just purchased a rx400h (08 model), can anyone help me on how to play the dvd from the centre console, to both rear screens, i have small children who struggle to wear the headsets.

I have tried going into the screen settings but can't see any buttons to switch to rear.

Both rear screens work fine with they own disc in them so no issue with them.

Thanks .

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I've never had a 400h but I seem to remember this coming up in the past and I don't think it can be done.

Even if it can be done, it would probably be cut off while the car is in motion as it's illegal for the driver to see any screen other than the map of a satnav. Even dashcams with integrated screens have to blank them out after a maximum of about 3 minutes due to it being a distraction to the driver and opening up the chance of being done for 'driving without due care and attention' or some such thing.

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Unfortunately the rear ICE system is completely independent to the audio/infotainment system in the vehicle. It is actually fitted once the vehicle arrives in the UK rather than a factory installed system.

Those rear screens possibly have an aux video input but I don't think there is a video out on the main system and as Herbie has stated, it won't play video unless the transmission is in park.


You could probably get an audio out from one of the rear DVD player screens and install an aux in on the main stereo system so the sound comes through the vehicle's speakers, but that cannot be achieved as standard and would need a third party module to be installed.

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I think you will find that the rear screens play from a DVD player under the drivers seat. The sound is thru IR headphones. Compatible items I think are on Ebay and the like for about £30 and Lexus items c£110. Also the DVD player is controlled with a remote handset but don't know if non Lexus units are available.

Probably cheaper and easier to hang an upto date video player screens off the front seats.

good luck with sorting it out 


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11 hours ago, Djwbiker said:

I think you will find that the rear screens play from a DVD player under the drivers seat.

That's the older system. I believe the OP has this newer system (either way they don't integrate to the infotainment system of the vehicle):


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