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I have a 2010 GS 450h. I am having problems setting up the 2nd remote fob.

I’ve set my seat, steering wheel and mirror positions and applied them to memory 1 on the drivers side door. I’ve then been able to register these settings with my fob and all works as it should so when I approach the car and touch the exterior door handle the seat, steering wheel and mirrors change to accommodate me.

The problem is I can’t seem to do the same for my partner and the 2nd remote key fob.

I've programmed button two for all the seat, steering wheel and mirror positions but can’t get it to link with the second remote key fob.

When visiting Lexus Edgeware today I was advised you can only register one key fob with memory settings! 

Is this true? It certainly doesn’t mention this in my owners handbook. 

My hope was to have as many as three fobs programmed along with the three memory switches on the drivers door. 

I can’t understand why Lexus would only tie the fob and memories to only 1 fob.

I’d appreciate any confirmation of this issue.





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AFAIK there are no limitations as every key can be assigned to a position on the 1-3 memory recall.

Although a model up this is the instruction for the GS in the owner's manual.


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Mine is 2007 but I have my key programmed for driver's seat for me and passenger's seat for my wife. Her key is the reverse.


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Take only one key to be programmed at the time. The one you have programmed to nr. 1 leave far away from the car.

The one you want to program to nr. 2 seat position use to open the door with it. Lock the door with it. Open the door, adjust the seat and the mirrors and press and hold P, press 2, release P and that is that. A beep should confirm.

When unlock the car with one of our keys the seat will adjust to that key, use the same key to lock the car with. Use the other key to unlock and the seat will adjust to that key. Always use the same key to lock the car as you unlocked it with. At least on our CT it does function.

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Thanks for your replies.  I have tried this keeping only my partner's fob with me and leaving my fob well away from the car.

What I've found is when pressing the memory button on the door after successfully programming it and then pressing the lock or unlock on the fob, there is no beep sound to confirm the successful registration of that fob with the memory settings.

Even after the successful programming of my own fob with the memory positions there was no beep sound to confirm I had been successful. I just tested it and it worked.

As part of my service today Lexus replaced both fob batteries so a dud fob Battery is not to blame.

I've tried the above directions with no success....

I wonder if the CT and later phase 4 (from 2012 onwards) of the GS have an enhanced fob/memory system allowing for more than one to be registered? As you both appear to have 2016 models that could be it? 

I hope a Phase 3 GS owner will add their comments?

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49 minutes ago, Aussiestayover said:

I've tried the above directions with no success....

Sorry if this isn't going to help but I have found a manual extract for your exact year and it seems that the procedure is slightly different to the one mentioned above. Seeing that you didn't get a beep then maybe the key pairing hasn't worked properly yet? You say one has been successfully remembered, but have you always had it paired to setting 1 or have you set it between 1 & 2?




I remember it working correctly on the earlier LS430 model however this may not be the same in your gen. Are the keyfobs at all different from each other? 

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Hello Gents and in particular Old Trout. I saw you had a 2007 GS after my post. Sorry I missed it.

I have returned to my owners manual publication OM30B56E Part Number 01999-30B56 printed 01-0909-00 so I assume in September of 2009.

On page 84 it has the same instructions as posted by member ERROR above but for the life of me I still can’t manage to associate the seat, steering wheel and exterior position settings associated in the memory of button two on the drivers side door to my second, alternative key fob for my partner.

After my attempt I then moved the drivers seat back to the furthest position away from the steering wheel and then locked the car and walked away some distance. I returned pressing on the drivers door handle, opening the door but didn’t get any response from the seat to move to the memory setting associated with button 2.

Has Old Trout anything to add on how he programmed both his fobs? As he has a 2007 prior to the facelift in 2009 I’m wondering if the subtle changes to the GS at the time (new rear lamps, front grill, headrest operation change, Sat Nav hard drive, removal of the cassette player etc) might have also removed the opportunity to tie a second fob to seat positions etc from buttons 2 or 3?

Thinking of phoning various Lexus dealers but expect they won’t have any interest to reply for a car now out of production....

and don’t get me started on dash noises that the Lexus dealer can’t hear....




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I just followed the manual. What I remembered incorrectly above is that the key sets just the driver's seat not the passenger's as well. The passenger seat is set for wife on 2 and me on 1 the same as the driver's seat. The 2007 SE-L had all possible features many of which became options on later years. The ACC for example became an option and was still a (very expensive) option on the 4 GS.

What always puzzled me about the auto setting of seat, headrest, wing mirrors and steering wheel was why the rearview mirror was left out. I'm told that a Vauxhall sets its rearview mirror electrically.

My wife has not mentioned any dash rattles. I am pretty deaf so I probably would not hear them if I had any. I do remembers LOC member writing that they fixed some rattles by stuffing a strip of sponge between the dash top and the screen.

Are you the Oxford side of London?


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