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What brand of tyres do you use?

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Hey everyone, 

Hope your all keeping well.

Over the years from my limited experience with tyres I've found that Bridgestone with A rating for wet grip have been the best all round tyres.

Their sidewalls are strong and they last a long time. 


I like Continental but found the sidewalls aren't as strong.


On last car had Pirelli Scorpion winter tyres (they came with the car so don't know what they're like when brand new).


I always go for the tyres with A wet grip rating.


How about you lot what tyres do you like?

I think brakes and tyres is where you want to spend money! lol   

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On my 1996 Volvo 940 always go for Michelin energy savers. Fitted to previous 1989 Volvo 240 too. Never had any issues or punctures in 15 years. Well wearing and last me years, as Volvo only does 5k a year, plus use winter tyres.

Toyota Auris, replaced the 6 year old Conti 6's with Goodyear efficient grip performance 2. Quieter then conti 6, less roar on most tarmac. Hope they don't crack in tread like a set of older efficient grip that came on my Lexus IS220D.  Replaced once worn with AVON 7V7's in 205/55/R16. £55 each fitted.  Shame as scrapped car 2 months after! Avon were Ok, but got a bit tail happy/ VSC kicked in when did a right and left at a double roundabout in damp conditions. Around 700 miles old when scrapped car.

Winter tyres on Volvo only. Goodyear Ultragrip 9's. Simply brilliant. Had them 4 years. Loads of tread left and brilliant in the snow. With Michelin summer tyres and being auto, the slightest incline and going nowhere. Winter tyres changed that. Must remove them and refit summer set.



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Thanks James, 

Wow you have volvo 240 and 740 love those old school bricks proper volvo those! 

I had mitchelin cross climate few years back on the prius the sidewalls were really weak had to replace them under 20k!

The worst tyres I've ever had were Avon zz3. Had a issue twice with them. Once in my mrk2 mr2 and a blowout on my e34 5 series bmw. 

After that's would never touch Avon ever again! 👍


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