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Headlamp Washers getting stuck in out position - any way to fix?

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The headlamp washers on my IS300 keep staying in the out position - I hardly use them but they seem to be also affecting the windscreen washers. Can they be fixed?

If I need to replace does anyone know the part numbers? Thanks

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I have no idea what retracts them back to the 'home' position but it can only be a spring or some other mechanism. Maybe the spring has become detached, or more likely is that whatever sort of mechanism it is, needs to be lubricated.

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It’s a Lexus so nothing simple here, they use “Actuators” which pop up the nozzle then return it after use.

Personally I would remove them and give them a soak in soapy water and clean them because the units are £270.00 each! Part numbers are 85208-53030 for the left side and 85207-53030 for right side.

I cannot see any electrical connections on them and I think they use water pressure to operate, it’s got to be worth seeing if  leaning the crud/moss out will restore them.

If the valves aren’t shutting completely your windscreen washer pressure will also be down as they normally all feed off the same pump.


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Thanks for the advice - I will try removing, cleaning and lubing them and see if that helps!

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