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Maybe someone who uses Hybrid Assistant can help me out with this.  On the display on the right that looks like a piston, it shows if the engine is running (when it's green).  Under the rpm display it shows S1A S1B S3, S4 or "Idle Check".  What do these mean?  I've looked through the documentation and it's not detailed.  There does not appear to be an easy way to contact the app developer (short of going on Facebook which I avoid like the plague).  I have left a comment on one of his YouTube videos, so maybe I'll get an answer from there.

Given that HA gives more detailed information than the car gauges, I was wondering what temperature the car should run at.  Today it's about 20 degrees celcius outside, and HA is showing 83-88 degrees.  It struck me that if I was in heavy traffic on a hot day and the engine (and therefore water pump) was not running continuously, there might be a tendency to be hotter than if I was traveling at 80-90 kph with the engine running.  The car gauge was at about its normal level (half).

I'd welcome any input on this


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You can download instructions about it at developers site. About your question about S1A etc. they are different phases occurring during thermal engine warming and functioning, they are widely discussed in italian Hybrid Synergy Forum.


Anyway, give a look to official Hybrid Assistant site:

Hybrid Assistant: Documentation

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I did look at the HA site before I posted, but the documentation doesn't go into detail about those particular items. It's the"idle check" I'd really like to know a bit more about.

I think it's something to do with the"glide" way of driving which can be turned off in the settings.

The video you linked to shows it but not in enough detail for my curious mind

Let's see if the developer comes back to me on YouTube

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