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Thinking of adding another Lexus...

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Howdy peeps!

Since the launch of the LC I have always fancied one, very particular to the launch spec but they are uber rare these days. Next few months might see some money become available, so of course, I'm spending the money 'theoretically' 😉 at the moment! Few questions for the forum...

Mrs may prefer the hybrid so I'd consider either, anyone driven both for decent lengths of time and how do they compare?

What year was the additional emissions filter added?

Any known 'quirks' that I should look out for in either model?

How has your general experience with the car been, if you could change anything, what would it be?

Any other remarks you feel valuable, fire them down below!

Could a 4th be joining the driveway 🤷‍♂️



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I own a V8 version which I have had for 18 months.

Before purchase I borrowed a brand new Hybrid version for 4 days.Therefore I was able to do almost back to back comparisons.

My heart was set on a V8 but my nearest dealer only had this hybrid.After using it for the 4 days I actually tried to buy it and they came close to meeting my offer but with input from my trade pals I knew where it needed to be and I was part exchanging a nearly new M2 Competition.

Fortunately I secured a demo the same week in a V8 elsewhere and within minutes decided I was right initially to get that model.A deal was concluded quickly.

The hybrid is excellent and the V6 engine powerful enough but it lacks that ultimate V8 torque and grunt when provoked.There is no comparison to the exhaust sounds,the V8 is incomparable.

On test I was averaging around 36 mpg with the hybrid but in the 4 k miles in my car ,my overall average is 29.2 mpg. In fact it has just completed my monthly trip back to S E Essex ,327 miles round trip on some very busy roads and towns at just over 40 mpg.I am well chuffed.It has enough torque that when just cruising it requires virtually no input to deal with overtakes and inclines but when you give it the beans it responds quicker than the hybrid,which is itself no slouch.

I was not a great fan of the hybrid gears.At slow speeds I detected a certain hesitancy giving the impression it wasnt sure what to do.I am not used to hybrids so this may be normal.

Handling seemed very similar on both cars even though the hybrid had the 20 inch wheels and I have the 21s.

I questioned the emissions filter situation but got nowhere.There is no visible filter in the exhaust system,unlike all my other cars.

I had the fuel pump replaced under recall,which affects all Lexus V8 cars worldwide. The front brake pads have just been changed under warranty due to squeal.The latest ones are slightly different apparently.

Not sure I would change anything.I think this is the best car I have owned including my Porsche and Beemers and it gets admired everywhere.It is a sense of occasion every time you sit in it .Above all,its unique ,rare and of the highest quality.

Sorry for the waffle but look forward to hearing how you proceed.

A J.

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Thanks for the input! My GSF had the fuel pump recall as you mentioned so that would be an item I'd check on an earlier car. Exhaust note for once, isn't important as again the GSF has a GTHaus on it and provides all noise required and the Mrs is NOT a fan, so stock or a more subdued hybrid may fit the bill🤣 the front pads I replaced with EBC reds and had no further problems with squeals, so would likely do the same if the LC suffered.

I'll have to get googling or wait for someone in the know to comment about the filter. None of my local dealers have an LC of either type in stock, otherwise I would just go try and see what my other half thinks. So may have to travel and pick two close by dealers for a back to back comparison.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the car and I would agree it is a real head turner! I am in the midst of trying to purchase storage for mine and my fathers mini car collection, if that goes swimmingly, I will then be more committed to purchasing an LC as space is a premium around my house 😆

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15 hours ago, hockeyedwards said:

What year was the additional emissions filter added?

Not sure if it was the same time as the RC F (Nov 2017 built) or slightly later. If is definitely fitted now though as the power was reduced from the launch 477 PS figure down to around 460 PS and the engine is Euro 6d compliant, rather than just Euro 6 at launch.

Will try and find the actual date.

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As I understood it cars had to be Euro6c compliant from Sep 18 but lots of manufacturers started before that so just because you have a car that’s older than a 68 plate wouldn’t necessarily mean you didn’t have the PPF fitted.  As Colin said above the BHP was reduced from 471 to 464 in order to meet Euro 6c so I would assume if your car has 464 bhp then it has the PPF fitted.  People have reported exhaust noise has been reduced with the PPF but not sure if that’s true for the LC.


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