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GS300 duff catalytic converter replacement

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I have a GS300 on 2003 plate. 81000 from new. In the process of removing the Bank2/2 sensor the rusted end of the converter was damaged beyond repair. Cost of replacing the converter + the sensor Inc. Labour and VAT - £1350. I now face scrapping the car! Has anyone advice on whether I can fit any of the many cheap converters and sensors advertised on eBay to reduce costs. I have tried fitting non-genuine Lexus sensors and encountered major problems resetting the fault warning lights eventually having to resort to fitting the Lexus suplied sensors. Am I likely to encounter the same problem if I use a non-genuine catalytic converter? 

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Hi James and welcome to the LOC.

Take a look at the link below, although the top selection says up to 2001 it is the same part for yours, stainless steel and 2 year warranty.

For the O2 sensor I would go OEM, link below but check carefully from counterfeit ebay.

A few gaskets in addition plus a couple of hours labour should halve your costs.

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Thanks Steve2006. My garage won't fit any parts not supplied by Lexus so I am  stuck! I will however look at the link you have kindly provided and forward it to the garage in the hope that I can reduce costs should I experience any more problems with the exhaust system. Stay well and thanks again. Durgar

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