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Having some years back taken out the ECU for the LS400, blow me if my Brain seems to hve deserted me when it comes to this GS300 Glove box removal.

Firstly, I wrongly undid the screws to the liner - Doh!.  Realising from a clip about the LS400 removal that it is three screws in the plastic, there is reference to a bolt (screw? ) via a panel at the back that needs be undone.  I removed the panel and it gave me the opportunity to clean out the Cabin Filter which had a a flower bed, husks and seeds nicely filling it.  Doubt it had been changed in the Car's lifetime.  However, no screw bolt, and tugging seems to not get it to shift.  

There is a lower Black panel with the Floor light in it.  Perhaps this needs be removed to gain access to lower /screws. Once again can't quite see how this comes off but maybe just pulls off?? Anyone help?  as need to get to that HVAC motor to sort the Air con absence.  Thanks   

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check but i think the knee airbag is loctaed in the bottom of the glovebox door

when you unclip the lower trim you can see the yellow airbag cable by the centre console

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Thanks Mark and Steve,  I managed to work out how to remove the  Glove box (at long last!) and of course as soon as it started to drop I thought I need to disconnect the Battery Neg.  Worried that the pass/s/air bag would blow up in my leaning forward face, if I mess with the Connector. 

Leaving for twenty mins before trying to figure out if the yellow connector just snaps into the black plastic of if its a case of seperating one part from another?  Some progress made!  A bit slow these days.  

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