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NJ67VMU Anyone know this car ?

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Hello guys , I am looking to purchase this car NJ67VMU , The car looks great ,fsh lexus but everything else is suspicious. I was wondering if someone from this club owned the car in the past .

Any advice on what to check as a lexus first time buyer ^^. Any advice is welcomed. thank you


Screenshot_20210707-181226_Auto Trader.jpg

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When you say everything else looks suspicious what do you mean? 

A couple of things to consider

a) it is a North East registered car sitting up in edinburgh. With the car market the way it is this could simply mean the dealer purchased it from a private seller in the North East or could mean something else. 

b) Check the dealer out for reviews on the Web, although they have a number of positive reviews they also have a few negative reviews

c) The mileage is above average for its age and it is priced at 19K. If you were to look for a similar spec car with similar miles, it's likely you would find an approved used car from a lexus dealer for about 1K more. If you are buying with finance, the additional price from a main dealer is likely to have a minimal overall impact on the total cost as it is likely that better rates of finance are available from a lexus dealer. The additional approved used benefits may also provide a further level of assurance when purchasing from a main dealer. (breakdown cover, approved used warranty etc.) - although the car you are looking at may qualify for lexus relax warranty if it was serviced at a lexus dealer recently, having said that it will not qualify as the last service stamp in the book suggests it was 18month ago so it is due a service. If this was done at a dealer it would cost 500-700 pound, again its just put that price on the car which starts getting close to main dealer prices. 

The Apr rate advertised from the dealer on a pcp purchase  is high at 11. 9 percent. This puts over 5k in interest on the car over a 48 month period. 

d) The advert states it has a long mot till October 21. That's about 4 month away which is not a long mot. The advert states it is £30 a year road tax, again this is incorrect as it was registered in October 2017 so does not qualify for £30 tax. 

As a) above they may be absolutely nothing wrong with the car but as with any secondhand car you have to do what feels right for yourself rather than be pushed to decide on any sort of deal that you have concerns over. 

Finally you would need to typically inspect any car in the usual way and agree on any rectifications that may be needed prior to the point of sale (tyres, brakes, cosmetics etc) , this applies to a purchase from any garage/dealer. 

What has drawn you to this specific car, is it the spec, the price or something else?


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Thank you for reply, . I chose another one from lexus edimburg but was sold 2 hours before I enquired for it . On this one I like that is full spec and is my personal preference on color. As u said the dealership is not inspiring thrust to me and some hpi results that say the car was off the road for 9 months. I dont know how much that idle time affected the car /hybrid system etc . I am looking not to go more than 20k £ but as u said I think I will wait for a dealership offer. thank you again for your answer. Cheers 😊

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No problem, I'm sure everyone on the forum can also comment on any thoughts. 

If your looking to definately find a car and see one at a main dealer my advice is to act quickly, secure it with a holding deposit (which is refundable). 

The used car market is high in demand at the moment and cars are being sold quite quickly. 

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