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The rear camera on my 2006 rx400h  has failed. It shows a grey fuzzy screen. The auto electrician says it's waterlogged and expensive to replace. Any ideas?

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It's rather strange that it works at all if it is waterlogged. Or do you mean the the screen is grey fuzzy with no image at all?

Is the lens clean?


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Yes, fuzzy, no image, but vague movement. The lens is clean. Apparently it's a fairly common problem with different makes, especially range rover.

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There have been a couple of members here that have revived them by drying them out and resealing them. Otherwise the easiest option is to find one on ebay/breakers.

It would be nice to get something newer, say from an RX450h or Gen 3 Prius, as the low light performance is better on those cameras compared to the series II RX but you would have to be up for modifying it to physically and electrically fit so not straightforward.

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