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Passenger Front Door Handle Loose

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Hi All, I know everyone will be busy watching the England game, however any help will be much appreciated.

My front passenger door exterior handle is loose as you can see from the picture. The central locking works fine.

Sometimes the door handle does not work, so you have to push it in and the hard pull out and remains loose. 

Any ideas where I should start to fix this? Is it a new handle or has something come loose inside.


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There isn't really much to the door handle itself. take a look at the pic below, the circled area of the handle goes and slots into the actual mechanism that operates the mechanism to actually open the door. If yours is loose and occasionally not opening the door, I would guess something there has gone wrong. Either the grooves are broken or if someone recently did some work maybe it wasn't refitted properly (although the door handle is very hard to mess-up). There is also a screw just by that area that hold it in place and prevents it sliding out. Only way to properly assess the situation is to remove the door-card and inspect it properly.




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Thank you for the response. I will have to open the door card and inspect further. Found a replacement handle on EBay just in case it needs replacing.

Hope it is not a hard job, any tips or points I need to look out for like hidden clips or screws.

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It's a fairly straightforward task. Probably most tricky part is removing door card. Plenty of youtube videos showing how to remove the door card. Once you remove the door card, peel back the film just in the area behind the door handle that you are trying to access (dont rip it as you need to stick the film back) Once you expose the rear end of the handle you will see a torx screw holding the handle. This screw will not fall out if you unscrew it all the way as it has retainer tabs holding it. Then there is similiar screw on the inside of the door (pic below) When you remove the screw on the side of the door, this will allow you to pull the side piece of the handle out. This piece needs to come out so that the main handle can slide out. 

Oh and also, remember to disconnect the connector for the handle.

Hope that helps



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