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Gs450h - Front wheel clicking right turn + P117B P0172 faults

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Hello guys,

I wonder if any of you experienced strange clicking coming from the left front wheel while doing the turn right (comes on low speeds). It's louder and more frequent when steering wheel comes to the full lock. I have a video of this recorded and will give the yt links below. On a side, it's pretty much not noticeable with windows closed. Also, it's not happening while reversing with the same steering wheel setting - just going forward.

Just to mention that car have 89,5k km, had full lexus service month ago and went through it flawlessly (I assume anything suspension related would be spotted by the service team). 

On the side while driving home today I also got the cel light with the P117B + P0172 faults, so looks like happy days with some fixing, but I'm mainly concerned that car just passed service and it's bit strange that all of this came month later - but I guess there is no rule here. I would say they are likely not related to the clicking noise - but strangely all of that just came up the same time.

I'm tempted to try clear them on the Torque Pro, but not sure if that would work and I don't want to mess with the car (I assume if they were not false positive, they should appear again).

I'm also not seeing much difference in driving of the car - it have power, doesn't shake, so it's strange.

All the best,


Vids should be available shortly - yt is sorting them out:


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  • Kijan changed the title to Gs450h - Front wheel clicking right turn + P117B P0172 faults

P0117 is a temperature sensor issue, and may point towards a wiring short rather than the sensor itself being at fault. Worth making sure your 12v Battery is ok and charged first and then have a good look around the engine bay for any wiring damage.

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3 hours ago, ColinBarber said:

P0117 is a temperature sensor issue, and may point towards a wiring short rather than the sensor itself being at fault. Worth making sure your 12v battery is ok and charged first and then have a good look around the engine bay for any wiring damage.

Thanks ColinBarber, I checked Battery and levels are perfect, also car is in really great condition, all wires are in good condition, but I read about P117B and it seems related to injectors, bit may also indicate issue with spark plugs - which would be interesting, as I replaced spark plugs on service month ago, so all should be perfect on that end.. 

I sent query to Lexus Cork and they will likely get back to me tomorrow on it. I did about 50km of test drive and again no issues with how the car goes, fuel consumption seems same, so thats weird. 

As for the noise I posted videos about, got it fixed. Strangely enough it was a plate that is behind brake disc on that wheel - I made it straight and that solved the problem 🙂 bit of relief at least here 🙂

All the best, 


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A bit of update from yesterday:

In the morning I got a call form Lexus Cork and we agreed that I will come over after work to have both issues discussed and checked.

On the error codes, they told me it's likely bad fuel or some dirt from the tank that possibly made it further and got caught by the sensor. It would make sense, as car had no issues with how it works. Got errors cleared and will check how it will behave - so far about 70km done on random driving styles and no CEL back (will update if that change).

As for the sound coming from the wheel - they took a look and there are 2 options:

1. Possibly some piece of metal from the brake system touching on something there under certain condition

2. Interesting one - wheel bearing. It has been said by one engineer that they had 2 situations of that sound being solved with bearing replacement.

To sum it up I booked appointment for 28th to have braking system checked and cleaned and if that won't help to replace bearing.

On the side, thanks to Lexus Cork for doing all checks and error clearance without any charge.

I will update once I have wheel job done, but I hope it will be informative for someone to possibly consider bearing if there are sounds like that (but personally I think it will get resolved after brakes being cleaned, inspected).


All the best

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  • 3 weeks later...

I would like to share an update after recent visit to the Lexus Cork:

1. For the clicking sound - technicians took out whole braking system, cleaned it out and once placed back together - sound was gone, so that was some cosmetic thing. It's gone now and I can enjoy silent driving on the full lock 🙂

2. CEL codes - as codes were still stored in the ECU after 2 weeks - technician did whole checks including sensors, spark plugs and injectors - everything is in perfect orded, so this time they did full reset on the ECU. I managed to drive about 1000km since then (including super enjoyable trip to Dublin and back) - then connected OBD reader and ECU is clear from any errors.

Just in case I moved to the premium fuel - not much of a difference on price, but engine may enjoy it more 🙂

Finally I want to share some pictures of my recent whole day of cleaning fun. To be fair doing that every week and this shine always put smile on my face 🙂







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I think I said too early about errors being gone and Im puzzled right now about it. 

I decided to connect reader to just check how is the engine and found that errors are back into pending state (picture attached). 

From what I understood if that doesnt throw CEL light, then its intermittent and definitely doesnt occurred in 2 consecutive cycles (which somehow is a good sign). 

Right now both errors are about system too rich on both banks. 

Again not a smallest change in behaviour of engine, fuel consumption or anything.

I think I will call to Lexus Cork soon, as to be fair car had no error codes for about 10k km done of my usage, then I went to full service with sprak plugs change and soon after issues started - thats really weird. 

Other thing is that they checked everything within engine and it was without issue, so thats really weird. 

Do you have any suggestions of readings I could check during driving to see for possible issues through OBD reader? 

All the best



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Check the whole intake system from air filter box, intake trunking, throttle body through to the intake air box (what people think is the manifold but isn't) - maybe something was damaged or a gasket not quite right during the spark plug change. And were the air box to manifold gaskets changed during the spark plug change? - likely not - another possible source of the problem but it means almost re-doing the plug change.

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Given you are having problems after a service you are best to return it for them to check their work. I wonder if they just triggered the errors when they did the work and forgot to clear it.


However it is unlikely to be an air leak as that would produce lean engine errors rather than rich, and getting both banks at the same time means something common to both.

The following are the suggested fault areas associated with those error codes but I'd rule out specific injectors or O2 sensors as you have an issue with both banks.

Do you have the freeze frame data associated with the error codes?

  • Mass air flow meter

  • Engine coolant temperature sensor

  • Fuel injector assembly for port injection

  • Fuel injector assembly for direct injection

  • Ignition system

  • Fuel pressure

  • Gas leaks from exhaust system

  • Open or short in air fuel ratio sensor (bank 1, 2 sensor 1) circuit

  • Air fuel ratio sensor (bank 1, 2 sensor 1)

  • ECM

  • Wire harness or connector

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Thanks so much for the suggestions guys!

Really appreciate it - today I went under the bonnet and gave a good check of what I could - so intake, sensors there (cleaning MAF at the same time) - then did about 70km or regular driving - after coming back I connected reader, checked faults and - no faults - as per screenshot 😮

I think I'm really gonna go nut with all of that haha 😄

After all, I've been able to go down to 14,5 km/L recently (about 41 MPG), so I'm pretty sure that it was in good shape anyways.


As for the freeze frames - unfortunately I didn't have access to that with my Bluetooth reader and torque. Possibly I could check more with Techstream, but while I have the software - I'm waiting for the right usb cable to arrive to connect it (also I will check if I can possibly change that consumption display to l/100km or MPG at least + few other tweaks)

All the best


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