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Fuel pump recall

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I was contacted by my usual servicing dealer yesterday advising that the fuel pump (I assume the one in the tank since they asked me to bring it in less than half full) needs to be replaced under a recall campaign. Anyone else had this? I see there is a wider recall out for other models (can't remember where I saw this) but the ES wasn't listed.

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Here's the recall:

You're right, ES not listed. I checked mine on their checker, not included in the recall either, but they do say till 2019. Seems they caught it internally or changed suppliers/specs at that point.

Notification of Recall Fuel Pump Replacement March 2020


Lexus UK has issued a safety recall for a limited amount of Lexus cars, due to an issue with the low-pressure fuel pump, located in the fuel tank.
The issue relates to a concern that these fuel pumps include impellers which may have been manufactured with lower density. In this condition, the impeller may deform to a point that creates interference with the fuel pump body to cause the fuel pump to become inoperative.
The following Lexus UK models have been recalled, these vehicles were produced between September 2013 and May 2019:


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