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Rav 4 hybrid v rx400 450h?

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Okay so I know it maybe a bit biased here! Lol

But really Lexus and Toyota are the same brand. 

Do you know what are the pros and cons of 2016 Rav 4 hybrid and a 2013 rx400h? 

Is the 450h a better, more polished rav4? 

Many thanks 

Tariq 🙂

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Also, the RAV uses a 4 cylinder engine and is lighter which makes it more economical but not amazingly so.  The next Generation RAV promises to be better still in this regard but you are comparing cars that are a few years old.  Somehow the Lexus exudes higher quality and is more comfortable but less agile.

Much comes down to the way you drive and what aspects you rate more important for you as an individual.  The best way to compare is to have a test drive of both.  My guess is that coming from an LS400, you would find the RAV more utilitarian.



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The current RAV is very good, not sure you can say the same about the previous version which a 2016 would be. For age of vehicle you are looking at, the RX is in an entirely different league and the RAV is closer to the NX anyway (share the same platform).

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I think the rx400h ended production in 2009, then the rx450h took over. I was looking for a rx450h, but to get one on a 16 or 17 plate I was looking at £25k-£30k. well over what I wanted to spend. Then I looked a rav4 hybrid, but at this age I didn`t like the interior too much, the 2019 onwards have a much nicer interior, but the values are still high. So I started looking at the nx300h, Much nicer than the rav4, approx £10k less than a similar rx450h and lower running costs. So when I found the right one for me I bought it.......and love it, so nice to drive, so quiet, 49mpg on a motorway run if you keep at legal speeds. What`s not to like.

P.S,     I`ve driven the rx400, 450, rav4 hybrid 2016 and 2019 and nx300h. I have to say, the rx450h rides the smoothest with the softest ride, but the nx is a close 2nd for comfort and plenty large enough for most requirements.

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Thanks, yeah the rx450 looks the nice too. The cars for my relative. She likes the rav but I thought why not have a look at the rx? Once you've had a lexus I suppose toyota interiors just don't have the same finish

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