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Tad frustrating...

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My car was unlocked after I opened the sunroof for ventilation. All well and good. Now as I'm about to go out in it I decided to fully ventilate the cabin so used the remote function to fully open the roof and windows by pressing and holding the unlock button on the key fob. All good... for about 5 mins when the alarm and horn start sounding!

Went out to the car and it had locked itself and obviously set the alarm! No I know that if one doesn't open a door within 20sec of unlocking a locked car it will relock but what I didn't know was even if the car was previously unlocked it will lock itself if the actions above are undertaken and one doesn't open a door within 20sec. A door that until the above was unlocked for a good few hours!! 🙄

Everyday is a school day! 🤓 😁

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This lesson was taught me unwittingly by a Lexus salesman while consigning my first IS300h a few years ago.  After fluently demonstrating the various functions of the electronic key (with which I was already largely familiar from the IS250), he had moved on to another subject when the alarm suddenly sounded, sending him into panic mode and deafening everybody inside the showroom.  Fortunately the junior mechanic who checked and groomed cars for delivery was on hand to stop the noise and explain what had happened.  

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Yes we live in the world where everyone is babysitting us... now including our cars. I had similar isseu with my RC, left sunroof slightly open to keep it ventilated and I believe fly got inside and triggered the alarm.

To be fair nowadays all cars does that, but I was pleasantly surprised with clever detail on 2021 MB C300. I believe the car locks itself after 3 or 5 minutes, but when I left all the windows open and left it for a while it locked itself as expected, but didn't closed the windows all the way. In stead it left ~5mm from the very top for ventilation. It seems Le Zermans considered that driver may want to ventilate the car and programmed it to keep some ventilation, but not enought for anyone to squeeze their finger throught. 

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