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Hybrid battery air filter


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My ct200h is 2014 should the air filter for the hybrid batteries have some filter cloth attached to the back of the intake panel.

If so can someone advise the part number or something to use.


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Hi Phil and welcome to the LOC

There is a filter shown, no price given but around $8.00 in the USA so double that then add 20% for UK prices 😀

Part and number highlighted.


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8 hours ago, stormchaser said:

It,s only really applicable to the US and not avaliable in Europe.I enquired sometime ago about this.

Cheers for that update Paul, must be the fact we have such clean air over here in the UK🤔

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Answer nr. 2:

Dermody, Shaun <>

Unfortunately we do not ship out of the country.





Only one left to get an answer from. It seems that Lexus international are not helping cross borders.



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 My 18 plate CT has the micro netting fitted over the hybrid Battery air intake. My brother-in-law also has a CT (14 plate) and his vehicle did not have the micro netting fitted, he queried this with a Lexus dealer in London and was able to order one (this was Aug 20).

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i had this issue today on our auris hybrid

the fluff & dust that had built up was incredible

it was like removing the lint from a tumble dryer filter

i went and test drove the car and then picked up a cracking

puncture see attached image .


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