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Alarm activation

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2nd night on trot the alarm has gone off. Last night 1am twice tonight 11.45pm twice. Today i thoroughly checked and hoovered inside no signs of nothing untoward. i would have thought there must be a bug insect or something inside triggering it off. Anyhow tonight i turned the motion sensor off at least i thought i did. After reading the manual you have to do this when the car is switched on and it tell you on the dash it has been switched of. Silly me im pressing the button at midnight thinking this isn't right i had car switched off. Back to sleep now night night. Now did that moth fly out of the UX or was it making for my torch.

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Well the alarm didn't go off last night so I'm hoping the big moth i saw actually came out of the car.

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You would think that after so many years of advances in alarm systems it should be possible for the sensors to differentiate between a bug and something very much larger!

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