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NX300H USB/AUX Harness missing...

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Hello Guys 

New Lexus owner. Last week I bought NX300H and all was fine. Week later I decide to charge my phone from USB ports under arm rest. Plug in my phone and nothing happened. When I try to pull out cable hole module came out and harnesses wasn't attached even. Then I decide to open arm rest and attach it, but I notice that one of them is missing and cables are cut. I`m attaching pictures. Can you adivice me where can I go to be fixed. I`m in Stratford London. 





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Lexus is an obvious, if expensive repairer. I'd be concerned as to why the cables have been cut. It might require investigation using Techstream to check if there is a fault along that loom or some other issues.

A local auto electrician could easily reconnect the loom but not sure if there would be knock-on effects. Worth enquiring though..

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I got the cable now looking good auto electrician around Stratford. Also I got few more parts for free from 2018 NX big screen how I can retrofit big screen and I think need new radio module right? 


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