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Wanted Is200 3 Way Washer Jets

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Hello all

I dont know if washer jets is the correct name for what I am after but I think thats what they are called. What I want is a pair of jets that spray the water on to your windscreen but I want a set that has the 3 nozels. If anyone has a set in Platinum Ice in A1 condition I would be intrested in buying them! or could some one tell me where I could get a set and approx how much they are?

Kind Regards

By the wat before someone tells me I have posted in the wrong forum I KNOW But After half a dozen trys in the Buy and Sell forum with no joy othjer that an error message I give in.

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wouldnt hold ur breath on people selling the 3 way washer jets, most have changed from 2way to 3way jets.

have you tried a lexus dealer for your lexus parts by any chance?????

jets come pre painted and are in the region of £20

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Triple Washer Jets are old hat now :P

The latest models now come with a FAN-TAIL Spray :D

I had the Triple Jets on my IS Sport and spraying in the same spot for soo long put 3 holes in the screen either side :lol:

Fan-Tail anyday :whistling:

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I have just installed the 3 way jets on my GS... thanks to chris

I installed them in less than 2 mins thanks to the credit card trick found on here. Chuffed at such a small mod! :D

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