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Troubles with Mini Cooper Recirculating Valve

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Afternoon all,

Having some issues with my supercharger set up on my Is200.

I swapped the charger and all extras off of my old car which was written off by a red light jumper 😞 


Basically everything runs okay and it pulls like a train but when letting off of the accelerator the Recirc valve doesn’t open quick enough and sends all the boost back through the supercharger causing a HORRIBLE noise.

it’s really noticeable when slightly accelerating and letting off.

I just wondered if anyone has had a similar problem and if they have, what areas I can look as I’m stumped tbh.


Standard Eaton supercharger set up with a Mini Cooper Valve.

Hopefully these photos paint a picture of the valve and everything surrounding it.(Excuse the mismatch piping and that the valve isn’t plumbed to recirculate, it will this is just while trying to figure this issue).







Any help is greatly appreciated 😃 

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Bumping this topic as really need help resolving this issue.

If anyone can assist at all it will be greatly appreciated!

Don’t mind getting a new Recirc valve if need but just want to be sure it’s that before I spend the money.

Thanks in advance 😃 

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