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Hi all

When Richard from Hybrid Battery Solutions was sorting out my car recently he noticed that one of the off side front wheel nuts was missing. I thought it maybe that the nut has just come loose and come off but the actual stud is broken.

I did look on the forums and cannot find any related posts but have been reading up and by the looks of it there is a possibility that old studs can be removed and new studs installed without removing the hub. I watched a youtube video of a guy doing this on a 2006 GS430 but he didnt go into any part numbers or manufacturer details. He just showed how to install new studs (i guess the old ones can be pressed out) and then use a kind of centralising guide shim and a nut and a hammer drill to make sure the new stud was secured through the hub.

Can anyone offer any advice on where I can get the studs, guides and nut or even a kit with all the parts ?

Thanks for your time again.


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I would get another hub from a scrap yard and replace the existing one. In most cases you will find a used one in good condition.


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