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Low Fuel Indicator Light not working


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I recently purchased a 2021 CT200h. The Low Fuel Indicator Light does NOT come on when the car is started. I have filled it up several times in the 2 months I've had it. The light has never come one. I once ran it down to the point where it showed less than 6 miles on the range indicator, still no light. I rang the Lexus dealership in Exeter. At first I was told the light doesn't come on until the range reaches 25 miles. I explained I had gone past this point and it had not come on, also that it did not come on during the testing phase of turning the vehicle on. An appointment was made for me to take the car in, which I did. They came back and said they had checked another CT200h and that low fuel light did not come on when the car was started either. They then told me I had too much fuel in the car for the light to come on (DUH). I told them I realised that was the current case HOWEVER I had run the tank down below the 25 mile range and the light had not come on. I was then told it did not come on until about 14 mile range. I explained I had run the car down to less than 6 mile range. I was then told there is a reserve tank. Basically they were giving me the run around. 

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Go back to the dealer and get them to sort it out.

However, also take note that this particular indicator light does not have a *1 notation next to it, indicating that it will not come on for self-check purposes when the power button is pressed, but only illuminates when it really is reporting a low fuel condition. Of course, it's best to never let it come on anyway - I never let mine drop below a 1/4 tank.

Taken from the 2020 CT Owners Manual (latest one available)




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Have seen low light come on 3 times this year and when it lights up there is a ding sound (or something like that). If I remember I will see if the light comes on when starting the car.

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