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Cambelt adjustment tool

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Hi all,

I understand that a specific tool is required to adjust the belt when changing - would anybody have one that I can rent?





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Hi Daniel and welcome to the LOC.

I’m not aware of any special tool required, ensure all the timing marks are aligned, fit the belt then pull the auto tensioner lock pin. Turn the engine over by hand then recheck timing marks again.

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10 minutes ago, Westy77 said:

.maybe he just doesn’t fancy the job

it is a time consuming job for sure but other competent mechanics do it without a murmur ......  it's often best to have someone do it with some experience of a similar belt change ..  pulleys and waterpump etc ......... I've read somewhere on here that Lexus itself offers cut-price servicing and jobs like this for " golden oldies " like ours :unsure:

I've just left it all to my indy on the rare occasions that it's ever needed doing ....  100k miles / 10 years ....... whatever is sooner

Good luck 

AND Welcome to the LOC


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No problem, many mechanics ask for cam locking tools but they aren’t absolutely necessary. As long as the cams and crank markings are all aligned and remain aligned when the engine is rotated by hand all will be good.

The only thing to make sure is done correctly is if the camshaft oil seals are replaced, the cam actuator bolts need very careful checking for correct torque.

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I've done the job and the only special tool I needed was to hold the harmonic balancer (crankshaft pulley) steady whilst I undid the bolt in the middle.

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What is the cost these days at Lexus for a full job including water pump for old 430s?

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