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Hi folks.

My aircon pump has started to make a loud noise when it's running. I assume this is one of the bearings that is about die.

I was thinking of replacing the pump.

However while watching a car refurb program, I saw that the pumps can be refurbished. (New seals and bearings.)

My question is, does anyone know where a kit can be found? The interner was fruitless.

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Hi Jon

I don't know about refurbing those but I would recommend fixing it as soon as possible. If the impeller comes apart and spreads debris throughout the system it can be very hard to fix - you have to replace several components in order to make sure the system doesn't remain contaminated. If there's debris left in the system after a repair it will take out a new pump in short order.

Some good information on AC repair here:  (this is part 4 of a 4-part series).


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Yes m4rkw. I'm aware of the problems leaving it too long can have.

Hence I want to tackle it now.

I coould just send it for refurb but all the do is replace it. If a kit was available it would be easy to do.

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