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Hi, i purchased a Lexus LS600hL just before the pandemic, well February 2019. I have not had much opportunity to drive it, however the few times that i have i can tell you that it is the best car i have ever owned. Previously i have owned a VW Phaeton, Mercedes-Benz E Class, Jaguar S Type and before the Lexus a Jaguar XJ 350 Super V8. The car is low mileage for the year (2009), 71.500 so has loads of life left. No major issues so far, apart from i had to buy a new 12v Battery over the winter period. My fault as i did not take it out regularly enough i think (tried to drive it at least once a week, but that was not enough) It is booked into Lexus in Reading ( i live in Hampshire)shortly for a minor issue with the bonnet release catch and i am getting a Hybrid Battery check done at the same time.


Looking forward to driving it more now that the restrictions have eased.





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Hi Kevin and welcome to Lexus ownership and the best Lexus forum there is. Blimey you bought it in Feb 2019 and you're just saying Hi now? Tut tut lol.

Stunning car you have. Don't just leave it to stand. Drive it. 

Whilst you're at the dealer ask about a service plan.

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