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2013 RX450h Roof bars/rack/thule/footpacks?

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I have just bought RX450h Premier without roof rails thinking that it will be fine - just need a new set of footpack adapters for my Thule rack system and off we go.   

how wrong was I, so far I have found that there should be an option for the 1298kit? which clamps on the door edges much like I had on an old Octavia for years, downside with these is they can mark the paint over time so looking for alternatives.

is it straightforward enough to get a set of roof bars off a breaker and add them to the car so I can use set of crossbars (already had them on the previous RX300 and RX400h)  or does anyone have part numbers to compare if the fittings are the same on the 300/350/400h/450h?  as if the fittings are the same we havent sold the 400h yet 😄

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I believe the roof rails were a cost option on all 2009 to 2015 RX450's as part of a pack, so you should be able to retrofit. Saying that, I have never seen roof rails for sale on Ebay etc. Speak to a parts dept at a Lexus dealer and see if they are available and if they are - search breakers. They were a 'must have' when I was looking for my Premier.

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Hi Karl,

The previous owner of my car fitted the roof rails in our 2015 RX450h.

See the attached images of the instruction manual which includes the Lexus part number - 08301-48800.

I believe the cost is around £300 from Lexus Parts Direct.

I hope this helps.




Document_2021-08-04_190557 (2).jpg


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I had no luck with the side rails for my RX45Oh Premier on ebay.  They are like hens teeth.  I eventually bought from Lexus Direct who are at Swindon and were certainly less expensive than from other Lexus dealers.  They also did a deal on sending them to me without additional charge but it helped that I also bought the Cross Rails. The manual is pictural as seen above states suitable for 2008 - so that would be to last 3rd generation in 2015. With the new side rails is included new gaskets and longer bolts.  Keep the ones and caps you remove as you may wish to remove and sell the rails separately if when you sell the car the new buyer prefers not to have them in place as a few do.

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thanks for the updates guys.  I have found the instruction manual and also trawled through toyodiy and cant find definitive answer if the rails from a gen 2 will fit.  both cars parked side by side they look really similar on the roof line but not measured the gaps yet 😄  Have had part numbers checked with Lexus Leeds and they are not cheap.  But they are a necessity due to surfboards not going in on top of the ivory leather..

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OK so end to end the roof line on the new one is 2cm longer but without removing the rail and checking the bolt positions its hard to tell.  hoping the 400h sells today so no time to check.

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