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I recently bought this car as a runner with vvti issues


With possibly crap oil which had formed sludges and caused a blockage (not 100% sure of degree of damage) 

The car currently runs and idles/drives nicely 

however, it has started the knock on the vvti cam gear  which gets worse if you rev

 I have bought new oil control valve but vvti still isnt right

Any advice for a new owner would be appreciated

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That would probably involve quite a loss. I'd try several oil changes, using engine flush and a new oil filter each time. (I use Comma Engine flush and Mannol oil - I'd suggest using a 0w20 for the first oil change then 5W30 after that.) You can run the car for a few days with Comma flush in the engine.

You should get a noticeable improvement and there's a reasonable chance the motor will last for ages. I revived a Mazda 626 like that about 30 years ago - it lasted another 70K miles and I sold it still running well. It had solid crust in the rocker cover, let alone sludge. But there is a danger that stuff will be dislodged and stick in an oil gallery - that might be terminal.

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Now wont start which is another issue


I removed the oil control valve for vvti cam and no oil has been in there since i ran it a few times, probably why cam is knocking  - no oil  


Honestly thinking it's time is up

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