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Looking to get an is300h, what are the differences between executive and advance trims?


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There are quite a few differences depending on the year of manufacture (specs changed pretty much each year and there was a facelift in 2017) - so there are some things the Executive has that the Advance doesn't and vice-versa all depending on the year. It's also complicated by the fact that options may be fitted too. Your best bet is to decide what is important to you as a minimum and then look for the car that has that spec that meets your year/mileage/budget - whether Executive, Advance, Luxury, Premier, F-Sport etc.

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19 minutes ago, ChillDrive said:

Thanks for the reply. I'm looking at 2018 models if that helps?

That will be a facelift model so I'm not best to advise as I have a 2014 model and looked at the differences for that one when I purchased. However, I think the best bet is still to look at each car on it's merits as many would have had options fitted anyway so selecting by a nominal "trim" level will be difficult.

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2 hours ago, ChillDrive said:

Perfect, thanks for the help! The Executive I looked at did have the leather seats, which is a big plus.

The face-lift Executive has Tahara seats (simulated leather) - I don't believe it could be upgraded to leather. The earlier Executive (pre face-lift which I have) does have leather though as standard. 

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