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button next to pwr switch? ..can someone tell me what this is for ?

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think it may have been removed ..its the button next to the pwr door button .it has a stick man in what looks like a box of some sort ..searched every where can not find it ..thanks

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Do you mean this:


... anyone's guess what it means, because manual has following to say:


Some has speculated it is same as "auto height off" switch in newer RX model, which should be fitted in cars with air suspension so that height could be set manually when wading for example and for car not to try to change it automatically, but it makes no sense to place this button next to power door and mirror controls...  

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1 hour ago, pistolknight said:

it has a stick man in what looks like a box of some sort .

If it's the one that Linas found then I'd say that the "box" is more of a window, so it may be a main isolator for the power windows.

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It's the Easy Access mode switch 

"You can select this mode for easy  access and easy loading of the vehicle.If the engine is stopped when this mode is on, the vehicle height is lowered automatically. The indicator light stops blinking, and comes on continuously to indicate that the shift is completed. The easy access mode is available when N or LO mode is selected"

It's on page 143 in this manual 350/Manual/6507?page=163


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