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Fuel efficiency


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Completed it's first big road trip. Covered 700ish miles between the UK and Germany. Still in it's break in period, so was varying speed and RPMs. Despite that still managed to peg the MPG scale on the UK side (60MPG). Filled up, and on the EU side saw 63.2 MPG, but settled down once we arrived at 61MPG. Car was in normal mode, not ECO. Seriously impressive fuel efficiency for a 1.6-1.7ton, nearly 5 meter boat of a car. Finally resting after a proper wash and detail next to my old 10G civic, which will be sold soon. Will get better images in the wild once I'm not so shattered.




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Well done Peniole.

The best part is that even if you have to drive it fast for prolonged periods, the economy doesn’t drop by a lot. But if you are prepared to drive gently, prepared to be surprised.

I once got 100MPG !!!


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So after a couple more thousand miles, this car is happiest as a very long distance cruiser. My current commute is mostly motorway 28 miles each way, some in town, quite a bit of up and down (elevation) = 51-52MPG. Much less then I got on the 700 mile trip.

Did a 90 mile (45 each way) motorway round trip the other day = 55MPG.

It seems the longer the drive the higher the MPG number goes. During that long trip it kept climbing till it hit that 60 peak, which was around the 200+ mile mark.

Overall impressive for such a big cruiser.

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If someone down the pub told me that they were getting 60 mpg off a family-size petrol car, I'd says - Yeah, pull the other one.

I took my new ES on a Sunday trip for lunch down the Hertfordshire A1 on a 70-mile round trip and also got 60 mpg. My old GS300 would have barely scraped 30.

I wonder how long I will go on the dealership's initial fill-up. Just as well given the challenge to get petrol these days!

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Last fillup was the first time I paid attention. It gave me an estimated 535 miles of range. That's when I averaged 52MPG. Wish I had paid attention when I averaged close to 60MPG on a tank.

Tank is 50L ( little under 11 gallons).

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