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Rear Brake Squeal

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So my rear brakes have started to squeal a little bit at the back. The discs and pads are defo due for replacement all round. 

Does the squeal mean I have a problem with a calliper at the back too? I have read they can be a problem. 


**edit do I need to replace the rear handbrake shoes too?

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It is common for the rear calliper sliders to seize, you may find that replacing the sliders will cure the problem.

As for the squeal, it could be the pads as there is a wear shim that hits the disc and squeals when the pads wear to a certain point.

Handbrake shoes? mine have done 200,000 miles and still have plenty of meat on them, unless your riding the handbrake whilst the car is moving there isn't much chance of them wearing  


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I had this exact same problem recently, constant squealing was terrible at low speeds. The pads stuck in the caliper carrier, seized due to dirt build-up, was a quick fix. Most likely your pads have loads of meat left on them, mine did and still originals and 40k miles.

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