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New to the Lexus club

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Hi all,

After some research I treated myself to an RC 300h F-Sport in white.


Really enjoying it so far, it's my first RWD car, and first automatic. Have done about 600 miles in the last week and a bit already and getting 52-58mpg, so pretty pleased. Don't really get why the reviews are all so down on the CVT as I really like the snarl the engine makes as it gathers speed.

It's not the fastest car I've had (previous offerings included a Subaru Legacy 3.0R spec.B, Toyota Celica GT-Four) but it's still plenty fast and not too bad on the twisties considering it's a luxury grand tourer. I really wanted to be back in a coupe after being in a sedan, and the 300h's ULEZ exemption is useful considering I live inside the M25.

So far I've swapped the carpets for posher Lexus RC branded ones as I think the ones that came with the car were not OEM, and an OEM boot liner to protect that carpet.

I read about the slowness of the A/V system and found just disabling animations made it much snappier. Not sure why people are down on the rotating dial system too, I've found it very usable. But then again I hate the touch screen type systems in cars as you cannot use them at all when on the move.

I did try and convince my partner that fellow Lexus owners greet each other by making an L shape with the hand and placing it on the forehead, but they didn't buy it.

Enjoying the sophisticated ride, as I cruise down the road in comfort.

See you fellow Lexus heads around.


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Welcome dublet and thank you for a wonderful and informative first post.

The car looks great and you are rightly proud of it.

Always ignore criticisms of Lexus unless it is from a Lexus owner. The Media does not know what it is talking about.

I like your L shape idea and it reminded me of the first series of Startrek!

Anyway, enjoy the Forum and do participate freely.

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1 hour ago, dublet said:

Not sure why people are down on the rotating dial system too, I've found it very usable.

I think most of negative comments are not about rotating dial system, but rather about "mousepad" like system. However, rotating dial system in 2016 RC means that you have standard and not premium sat-nav and standard 6 speakers audio.

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Thanks John. I think reviewers want every car to be a BMW or 911. The RC is a nice sporty touring car.  The reviewers seem to be unable to fathom that someone might not want a 911, or even indeed a BMW.

As a neophile I like the hybrid system, and like it more than I thought I would. Having the steering wheel lower and then setting off in EV mode gives me a Star Ship Enterprise feeling.

I did think of one more annoyance, which is that there's no analogue speed indicator. A needle is much easier to spot at a glance compared to having to read a number. But I don't think I've got any NIPs incoming so far.

Some more photos:


Great rear end:


New carpets:



And sweet boot liner:



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Thanks peeps.

Quite happy enough with the audio performance of the standard music system.

Last two weekends have featured some torrential outpoors and not super happy with the wiper performance of the ones that came with the car, so swapped them for some Bosch Aero wipers.

Also waiting for the SatNav map update to download from SatNaviShop. :sleep1:As well as waiting for a local valet company to have a slot for a nice wax.

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I'm in the middle of moving house, but happened to notice the helicopter view of the car, as the new driveway is right in front of the house:


Some really good lines that perhaps you don't normally notice.

Also, fun trivia, helicopter is an amalgamation of two words, not "heli" and "copter" but instead "helico" and "pter". "Helico" means spiral, and "pter" means wing in latin. As in helix and pterodactyl.

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