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Old 300 Sportcross Newbie

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Hi everyone, I'm quite new to the site but have commented to a couple of threads so far......

I have been the proud owner of a 2005 IS300 Sportcross for 2 years and bought it from my parents whom looked after it very well, mostly dealer serviced, but very well maintained over the years (I have all the service receipts, tyres, exhaust, cat etc) and also it came with a spare set of alloys with winter tyres. Being in their mid 70's now, they wanted a more predictable motoring experience and opted for a Lexus UX, which has only done a couple of thousand miles in 2 years mainly due to covid.......

It has 87000 miles and is by no means perfect, but all of the suspension components have been replaced, anti-roll bar bushes, timing belt last month (2nd new belt) diff and gearbox oil changed at last service and alloys refurbed (powdercoated and diamond cut) and 4 new Continental tyres.

Only cost me £1800 to buy (what my parents were offered as a trade-in by Lexus, Glasgow) and probably spent the same again in parts and labour, but it is an absolute dream to drive, looks and feels like a new car and goes like the wind when required😁. Just wanted to say a big HI and there are some great posts across the forum and some very beautiful cars..........looking forward to chatting soon, cheers😎👍




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Good to see another well preserved Lexus :wink: A credit to you David.

Haven't had the pleasure of a Sportcross but do own an IS300. Currently sitting at 70k miles and being serviced and MOT'd as we speak.

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Hi David and welcome. Lucky you with regards your sportcross. Seems you know what you're doing so keep an eye for posts in the gen 1 IS section which I'm sure you know about. Good of you to post pics. 

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1480991879_20210620_1702292.thumb.jpg.dbc54b7225f6f3ea796d01af19f5f30e.jpgk1951399288_20201128_1330324.thumb.jpg.b66f95cfc4c1c4c9fe0718f523c03853.jpgThanks for the warm welcome👍 mechanic knows what he's doing, i'm very lucky, I just help out and pay the fingers crossed for many more years of reliable Lexus motoring🤞😎.......

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Hi David and welcome to the LOC.

Your “old” Sportcross is still newer compared to my 1994 and 2004 LS400/430 models 😀

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Very true.....the "old" reference in the thread was meant for me 🤣👍

Very impressive having a 1994 vintage LS400😮, great materials and build quality😎👍

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