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Recent MPG on a road trip

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Hi All,

Just posting my recent MPG of 49 MPG on my IS F Sport on a recent trip to Inverness, Scotland from London and I am amazed. 
A mix of 55- 75 mph on the road. 



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Very nice. Although also calculate when refuelling. Easy if full-to-full, or you can use an app for fractional fills. The computer in mine (2015 Advance, 17'' rubber) is probably 2 MPG over, or about 4.5% better than calculating based on trip odo and pump (my rule is that I stop when the pump clicks off). If you're interested, of course, no need to geek it out.

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Thanks, On checking the correct mpg is around 47 and yes the on board computer is about 2 digits higher. 

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On 8/21/2021 at 10:19 PM, Paul Brooksbank said:

I got around 54 mpg on a non stop run Crewe to St Albans on lockdown roads, I didn't stop anywhere and kept the speedo at an indicated 75 mph. 


That's impressive. I never thought that I would be overly concerned about MPG figures, since I came from an IS220D which was dismal, at best.

If I was lucky I got 27mpg around town and never improved on 37mpg on a long run. 

So, not thinking I would care, i am shocked that I do.

I am always in ECO mode and I'm constantly watching the damn gauge and always try to improve on my last personal best. (42.9 combined)

I find it annoying that I have become "That Person"! 

Anyway, as it has had an adverse effect on my driving, I now refuse to plug in my smart meter monitor, in fear I will turn off things in the house that shouldn't be turned off,  like the fish tank!

I used to like driving fast and pushing my traction boundaries, damn these gauges. lol



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