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ISF in Manchester?

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I’m looking to buy an isf but only ones for sale are too far away. I don’t want to go all the way and after test driving not like the car.

Is there anybody near Manchester who could let me test drive one? 🙂

I’m in Hyde SK14

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I wish you luck finding someone.  I’m pretty far away but I’d be a complete bag of nerves anyway if anybody apart from me drove my car -  that includes my wife or my best mates when I’ve been away on road trips and they are on the insurance.

Your request is compounded by the likelihood youre probably have to drive their beloved ISF quite hard to see much benefit in performance or handling over a GS 450h - it will ride harder but sound much much MUCH better above 3500 rpm

On the plus side I traded a b8 RS4 in for mine, and I’ve never looked back.  Phenomenal car.

Worth travelling for.






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Good luck, I travelled 150 miles to view the RCF I eventually purchased and this was after looking at 2 other RCFs within 60 miles of my house. 

You need to put the effort in as they don't turn up within a few miles of your location unless you are extremely lucky.

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I’d agree with this. I’d spent about 8 months looking, and hoping to find one to view nearby. Called my local Lexus dealer, but they never had an RCF, or any other F cars come into stock during that time. Those that were available were always well down south, apart from that ratty RCF Nottingham had :schmoll:

I’d given up the search temporarily during lockdown 2, but that was when one appeared for sale, which was also the first under a 2 hr drive to view. I’d discovered it was a previous forum car, while doing my research.
Was the first to view it, and the deal was done within a couple of days.
I had a nice car before, but the RCF is amazing :driving:

Had I known how good they are, I’d have made the journey to Kent or wherever.

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