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The Most Unreliable Lexus Engines! (Just see this on youtube )

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Perhaps I am misjudging, but this video sounds like clickbait.

No real discussion other than the quick mention and brief clips.  For example, the first 'flaw' that might affect a ES300h shows a burning RX at 1:07 in the video - a pointless inclusion.

Also, the last 'issue' is potential sludge on a 24 year old RX with who knows how many miles on it, which might be accounted for by irregular oil changes..🙄

Perhaps other owners can comment, but as this video is American related, has Lexus UK acknowledged anything that is mentioned in this video? 

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He's an idiot. Check his other videos

In the first Lexus, he's talking about a recall. Not exactly a reliability issue if the manufacturer is helping to sort it



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Better file that one, along with titles such as:

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Isn't it weird how just about every video we see on YouTube regarding Lexus in any way is from America. There are hardly any videos on any subject to do with Lexus cars that emanate from the UK or Europe. 

Oh and yes that video sucks

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