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Parking sensors

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Hi guys wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction so the other day it was chucking it down and I was on the motorway and all of a sudden I got a message clean park sonar so once I got home cleaned the sensors it was fine then few days later same thing happened and now it constantly says the same thing any idea what is wrong does my sensors need replacing or what? 

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I am guessing that you keep the park assist function permanently switched on.  This was also my habit until, like you, though only occasionally, I would get the warning to clean the sensors when driving in bad weather.  I have now disciplined myself to use the function only when I actually need it, and not seen the warning since.  Try leaving the park assist off for a time and see if the problem has gone away when you switch it back on.  

(I should mention that the problem is similar in the case of the ACC in my RC, when the need-to-clean warning not infrequently appears in rainy weather on the motorway, as alternatively does the non-function message in fog or snow or particularly heavy rain). 


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