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Lexus RX300 2005 - leak HELP!

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Hi all,

My RX just developed a serious leak today 🙁. I went under the car and identified the leak from a narrow metal hose just near subframe / lower control arm. 

I am not sure if it is a pipe from the break system ( Dot4 level looks ok) or perhaps the power steering system.

The metal hose goes along the oil pan ( on its right hand side) and then it turns and goes to the front of the car and up towards the engine.

Please see attached photos. Could you please advise what this pipe is?

Many thanks for help 🙂



45D00996-5870-4112-BD26-82E30477E25D.jpegMetal pipe between control arm and oil pan

6F4E8940-CB78-4380-98A5-04F0923D7901.jpegPicture showing the front of the car

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I can't be sure from the picture but check the power steering fluid. I think it may be the return pipe as I had something similar to that on mine. 

It's corroded and simply needs to be replaced.  

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That’s what I thought. Do you know where I can find a diagram showing this part? I was trying to look for it online but no avail 🙁

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Hi all, I am 100% sure now that this is a return hose.

The leak is coming from the same pipe as shown in this YouTube video 

 of course my model is different cause it’s from 2005 but I suspect that it is the same thing.

I am about to order it from rockauto from US but they only have Lexus RX330 listed in their parts catalogue.

Is my thinking correct that RX300 and RX330 share the same parts for most of things? I mean models 2004+

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