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Valve cover gaskets disaster


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Hi all.

Before anyone states the obvious... Yes I've been a numpty.

Changed my passenger side valve cover gasket yesterday (was going to attempt the driver's side today) and to my horror I noticed that I've used the wrong gasket part, 11213-31040.

What made me think this was the right part is (a) Lexuspartsdirect (erroneously) lists  11214-31020 as the driver's side (so I assumed that 11213 is passenger side) and (b) it pressed into the valve cover with no problem.

I am guessing that whilst they are different parts, they must be slightly different lengths, hence why 11213 is more expensive?

Can anyone advise me whether I should go to the trouble of taking it off again? It was an absolute PITA to do and I really would like to just buy another gasket for the driver's side is possible.

Any ideas?


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They look a different shape so I'd recommend you use the correct one for the left and right side:

RH (driver's side for a RHD vehicle) - 11213-31040



LH - 11214-31020




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Thanks for the quick reply Colin

Would you say this needs urgent attention? Or is it the kind of thing that I could put off for a bit if it's not leaking?

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If you remove it straight away it could probably be reused on the correct side, before it reshapes itself and/or hardens up through heat cycling of normal use.

It may be ok as is or it could start to leak, and the one you haven't fitted yet might not seal so well if you tried to use that on the wrong side.

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I've ordered another gasket of the correct size for the other side on jpcarparts for only £6 (ok the shipping from Japan is a lot but I did have other things to order. Also if your order is under £130 or so it doesn't get any VAT applied by customs)


So I think I will leave as is for now and wait to see if it leaks. Hopefully the heat moulds that incorrect gasket to the correct shape over time :yahoo:


On a side note, really recommend jpcarparts, much more helpful than Lexuspartsdirect and prices are sometimes 70% lower.

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