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Suspension noises

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Repost of one I did earlier but videos didn't play, will delete the duplicate.

So I've been hearing these for a while now:

First link noise can be heard clearly. Not very good sound on the second link, but sounds a bit like old bed springs would sound and tends to dampen some days.

Any ideas what these might be?

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Hi There,

I have experienced exactly the same noises over the past few months but on my 2008 RX 400h.

Needless to say they have been driving me bonkers. I asked my local garage in London to have a look but they could not identify the root-cause. Also the car passed MOT.

Fast forward a few months and the noises are still there and the ride is bumpier that ever. I took it to a local garage in France to fix a load balancing issue on the front tyres and asked them to have a look. The mechanic said that the springs are covered in oil and that both rear shock absorbers need replacing ...

I origanally suspected that some srt of bushing dried out and caused the issue but the mechanic was clear this was not the main reason. Having said that, the car is near 120k miles so changing them would surely help as well.

Let me know how you get on

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thanks for the reply. I think the bushings may be one cause, the car is 60k miles but almost 12 years old now, and took it to Lexus when bought it new and they did say bushings need replaced. Took it to my local indie and they said that there's plenty more life in them. I'll be taking the car back to them next week, so will write an update. If they don't find anything wrong (and the last time they didn't, but this time around I send them these videos) then I will ask about the shocks. The ride isn't too bad still, but the noise is not great, and I've got OCD when it comes to noises in a car, so really keen to find out what is it and fix it 😬

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Yesterday rained quite a bit, seems like the 2nd noise, then one that sounds like bed springs, tends to go away. Wondering whether it might be a seal on the back lid.

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