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Help, Check PCS, VCS, ECB & Continuous Beep

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I am in need of any knowledge from the forum.  I own a 2007 GS450h 153k. I've owned it for 8 years and can say it has been the best &  most reliable car I've owned.  Unfortunately yesterday I jumped in the car to leave work and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree.  Check PCS, VCS, ECB & ABS warning and continuous beep coming from the dash.  I drove the car and can confirm that the brakes feel weak (lot of effort required to get decent braking force). I can confirm hybrid system is working and charging as it should.

Has anyone experience of this and any idea what the problem could be?  Hoping it's not a financial write-off as the car has been amazing uptil now.


Many thanks in advance!


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Can you read codes stored with an OBDII code reader?

Have a look round the engine bay (under the cover) and see if there is a vacuum pipe come adrift or split.

I would think that this will either be something simple (like a fuse or split pipe) or something very serious (Failed ecu?) but I'd go for simple.

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It may well be that the 12V Battery is on its way to Battery heaven.

These cars are so full of electronics and can start showing some very weird and wonderful symptoms when it starts to fail. Check the 'standing' voltage against this chart and then put the car into READY mode and check that it's now gone up to about 14.5V, which it should do if the charging circuit is working properly.

Although this chart will give you an indication of the Battery state, ideally you really need to have the Battery load tested because it could show alright but then drop like a stone once a load is applied.


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Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately it's not the Battery. I had it replaced 3 months ago and have check voltage which is healthy. 

I have a mate calling round with a code reader which will hopefully shed some light on it

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If it's been changed recently, perhaps the connectors are a bit loose? On a previous car I had the Battery was disconnected and it drove fine, until after some time the ABS light came on. Re-tightened the connection and everything was A-OK.

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