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I know we always reach for the handbook on this one when there are any enquires….

but do we know why it’s not advised?

I don’t know of anything in the gearing or frame design that’s significantly different…. Only that it’s certainly a heavy car in its class with a big lump up front…. But that just means it quite stable.

just wondered?

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I think it is to do with the ‘Type Approval ‘ and possibly the braking system but don’t Quote me on that,  off to find more info….

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You can definitely get a tow bar fitted though

I would assume a company would only do that if the hitch was type approved. And indeed:

EC Type Approved

This company also has some useful calculator on what's allowed:

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You bought a car to tow a caravan without researching whether the car you purchased would be good for towing? :unsure:

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Ive definitely seen an IS towing a caravan…… in fact I was behind it on the M5 for about two hours crawling down to the southwest a few years ago….. cannot remember which model it was.

Maybe flip your feedback search before changing…… enquire on the Caravan Club etc forums to see if any current owners are towing ( and what )

If you like the car…’s a shame to get rid for maybe a handful of towing days a year.

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